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Planting My Garden

A few days ago I planted my garden for the year. I love planting my garden and taking care of it. It is 100% organic, no chemicals, and pet friendly. I started out with laying down planting fabric to try and beat the weeds this year. Last year I was weeding every day and just couldn't keep up with it.

I cleaned up a bit, and then laid out the plants where I am going to plant them this year. I have a Sweet 100 tomato plant, a Red Cherry tomato plant, Big Bertha green peppers, Golden Sweets yellow peppers, Kentucky Wonder green beans, 2 different kinds of cucumbers, and a carving pumpkin.

I almost forgot to put together my trellis this year, which would be bad because the beans and cucumbers need something to climb. I took some junk lumber to put together a trellis. A few quick cuts, some stapling, and toe screwing into the rails around the garden and tahdah!

After the trellis was up I got everyone in the dirt, including some Sweet Cream marigolds to help keep animals out.

Then it is time for some bunny proofing. I want to be the only one getting veggies out of the garden this year!

And the best bunny repellent of all - my sweet pup Bobby!

Stay tuned for gardening updates over the next few months.
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